Komit is a social networking and link aggregator site known the world over to be the worst of its kind, with a terrible community, a Byzantine interface, and spontaneous outages that inevitably happen to minimise convenience. Despite this, it has numerous users.


Posts and comments in Komit can be voted on using the four card suits - , , and . The meaning of each of these individual card suits, beyond the information that the red suits are positive and the black suits are negative, is left ambiguous by the administrators of Komit, and arguments among the users of their precise meanings inescapably lead to all-out brawls.

K-C Substitution

Official statements made by Komit use the letter 'k' to replace 'c'. This trend does not carry into the users, however, who scorn the use of such a substitution. This doesn't stop some users, such as Underwhelmer89.