Status Alive
First appearance Page 1 (online)
Wise_Mind is a Komit user. It seems that his posts are just complaints about other users on Komit.


Wise_Mind first appears in the first page of Komit on a thread shown on James' computer. After his forum rant about the lack of redeemable qualities in the people of Komit, he gets into a argument with James, which is quickly cut short by the peacekeeper Project_Cornsnake.(PHASE 1)


Wise_Mind is disgusted by the "trolls" and "haters" on Komit, and has a strong belief that an "exodus to an alternate community" is necessary. He believes that the more points you have, the stronger your argument, which would be all well and good if he didn't list the same point (his point being "no") three times and claiming that he won.